That seventies tutorial by Quevaal

In this tutorial we’ll take a look at a way to get retro colours in Photoshop.

For this I chose the nice Turquoise R4 2 by sugarplumk :

Fine car, but the lighting is very modern.

First, we’ll have to make a gray version, and in this case, we’ll do that in image > calculations

I won’t dwelve too much about your options here, but for this tutorial, just select red, Blending: normal and Result: New document.

OK, so we have a gray car. Now convert the document to grayscale and reconvert it to RGB afterwards.

First we need to give the gray picture a warmer look. Go to image > adjust > selective color

Select neutrals and adjust Cyan to the left and Yellow to the right. 15% will do for both of them, but just experiment.
After Neutral, do the same for blacks.

Now the car looks like this:

Drag this version over the original car as a new layer and choose a blending method.

Now the fun starts!
A lot of them will work really well and give different results.



Soft light

Hard light





Now, if you combine this with some aging techniques, you can get a really good result.

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